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We love the zodiac Fashion and we're sure you do too! You might already know that Every sign has its own personality traits, interests and likes-dislikes, but did you know they all have a unique fashion sense too? If you're a lover of fashion and love to know about your zodiac sign then this is the perfect place. We've created and combined Party Outfits for each zodiac according to their lucky colors + a little knowledge about the zodiacs !


Lucky color: Red

Aries is a fire sign and Aries women are known to be bold. They're ruled by Mars, the planet of energy. They're bossy but caring for the ones who're close to them. A red hot outfit and makeup is the perfect party look to match the energy and expression of an Aries women.


Lucky Color: Green

Taurus is ruled by the planet of beauty, Venus, and what describes beauty more than the royal green color? A royal green off shoulder princess dress is probably what a Taurus would wear at a party! Their soulful personality and careful nature is incomplete without their elegance.


Lucky Color: Yellow

Geminis are all about Trend, but they like to set their own trends more than following the current trends. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, they're restless but original and adventurous. A combination of a Yellow full sleeved dress with thigh high yellow boots and Black Makeup is the prefect look to describe the two sides of Gemini, the soft and the bold one.


Lucky Color: White

White Describes the Compassionate personality of a Cancer but also shows their Beauty. They're ruled by Moon, the symbol of emotions and beauty. A pure white dress paired up with white platform heels and Chanel earrings is the look a cancer would go for to a party because it compliments their moon-like features and also shows their true self.

5. LEO

Lucky Color: Orange

What color suits better than Orange on a lioness? The Sun rules the Leo and makes it a courageous and Generous sign. But they're kind and protective at the same time too. The orange color is the perfectly balanced color for a Leo to wear. A strapless orange side slit gown is what we think suits a Leo's personality best!


Lucky Color: Brown

If You're a Virgo then we're sure you already love the brown color. Though it's an odd opinion but we think brown is an underrated color which actually needs a lot more appreciation than it gets. Virgos are dedicated and witty, ruled by Mercury which makes them attractive. This Brown Short dress and Naked makeup compliments their personality in the best way possible and we're sure you'll copy the look to the next party you'll be crashing.


Lucky Color: Pink

Libra is the another zodiac ruled by the planet of beauty, Venus. They have their natural charm and even though they don't need to try to look good, this Pink one shoulder dress and Pink heels look is going to do justice to them. And damn! isn't the pink makeup a mood !?


Lucky Color: Black

They need no introduction. Scorpio is one of the most powerful zodiac and is the bravest one. Their passion & magnetism is what introduces them before they speak and wait, their fashion sense is the boldest of all. Even with simple dresses, they look mesmerizing and extraordinary. Just as in the look above, a simple black body con dress with Chanel earrings, Chanel purse, Gucci shoes and bold black makeup is looking so good that we want to copy it asap.


Lucky Color: Purple

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet of Luck and Expansion, Jupiter. They're naturally flirty and charming while also having an optimistic & enthusiastic personality. Boring fashion isn't really their thing so they always try to look different. And by different, we mean the purple colored princess dress with purple pumps and makeup. Isn't there something really attractive about the purple color?


Lucky Color: Grey

We hope you didn't think you're gonna see a dull grey outfit for a Capricorn because if you did, you're really wrong about the Capricorns. They're down to earth but extremely fearless. They do care about their public image but doesn't let it consume them. This sparkling Look has everything with a bit of sparkle to show the prestige of Capricorns. Don't you love this look?


Lucky Color: Blue

We're sure you would have guessed the lucky color of Aquarius just by its name. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which is the planet of originality. Aquarius is a friendly, calm and futuristic zodiac. The blue color signifies their zodiac element which is water. They're deep and inviting just like an ocean. But when it comes to fashion, they play fair. They don't like to do too much or too less which is why this sleeveless one shoulder dress and blue makeup makes the perfect party look for them.


Lucky Color: Sea-foam Green

It took us quite a long time to create a perfect look for Pisces. It's hard to match their imaginative and fantasizing personality. They're ruled by the planet of fantasy which is Neptune. They like to look glamorous and romantic. The sea-foam green color suits them as it looks quite out of the world just like they like to look.

What is your zodiac sign? Which look did you like the most? Do tell us in the comments section and share this with your friends to help them discover their zodiac fashion .

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