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Updated: Apr 13

Have you ever wondered why the tough girl at your school always wears those leather jackets, or why your friend always buys exaggerated prints? Well, that's because all of us have a fashion style we unknowingly prefer to wear. Want to know what's your style? Lets see what are the 9 different fashion styles and find out about yours!

1. Bohemian Fashion style

Bohemian or Boho style popularized during 1970s. This style focuses on individuality and creativity. The Boho babies can easily be identified wearing feminine but natural, down-to earth colors. They mostly wear maxis and layered outfits which are long and free. This signifies their free-spirited personalities and relaxed nature. Boho style is somehow a little similar to Hippies as they both wear bright colored jewelries, headpieces and rings. However, you might not always find them wearing maxis and skirts, they can also be seen wearing long bohemian style cardigans.

2. Grunge Fashion Style

This relates directly to the grunge music genre . This fashion style is characterized by Dark colored, loose clothing. The Dark colored here does not mean just black and browns, It means all the colors but in dark shades. They wear loose shirts and flannel skirts accessorized with chokers and hoop earrings, much like the Gothic style. In short, Messy hairs, flannel clothes and uncoordinated edgy look is the grunge style.

3. Chic Fashion Style

Chic style simply is looking trendy and fashionable. It can be most easily identified as anyone who like wearing latest fashion clothes. They focus on looking sophisticated and elegant. Wearing light colors and clean outfits is the basic definition of chic. They look a little classy and girly. So if you like wearing well-mannered fashionable clothes, then you are a total chic!

4. Punk Fashion style

Dressing style of Dark T-shirts, torn Jeans, Boots and assorted jewelries like studs & chokers is Punk. It's true that punk, goth and grunge almost look like same styles so its quite difficult to differentiate them, but they all are different in a way. Punk fashion style introduced the trend of dyeing hairs in red, green and blue colors and having distorted hairstyles but the trend of distorted hairstyles faded and dyeing hairs is still in fashion.

5. Artsy Fashion Style

It is a modern and trendy fashion style. The artsy people love modern printed clothes and bright colors. It's the easiest to identify as they always look different and they love looking stylish with updated latest and fashionable clothes. They are art lovers and don't like dark-faded clothes.

6. Gothic Fashion Style

This fashion style includes everything black. Black hairs, Black lipstick, Black clothes, Corsets, gloves, etc. They don't prefer any specific type of clothes, they should be just black colored. The goths may also wear studs and other jewelries related to metal music, but the main difference between Gothic and other similar fashion styles is that goths wear black makeup all the time and others may not.

7. Modern Fashion Style

If you like modern clothes and style yourself with a mix of all of the above, then you're probably a modern baby. These people love styling themselves differently everyday and don't stick to just one style all the time. They love every color and always try out new trends but never adapt to one style.

8. 90s Fashion Style

Everybody knows about the evergreen 90s fashion so it needs no introduction. Baggy shirts, Halterneck crops, Button down jeans, boot cut jeans and Broad Buckles belts clearly define the 90s fashion. If you see someone dresses in these apparels and accessories then she's totally a 90s babe,

9. Casual Fashion Style

This is the most common fashion style. If your taste in clothes does not match with any of the above, then you're probably a casual person. They don't have any specific interests and don't spend much time choosing what to wear. This fashion style is the simplest of all and you see this everywhere around. If you like looking effortlessly stylish, then this is the one for you.

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