The Trend setting denim looks for 2020

Updated: Apr 13

Experimenting with clothes has always been my favorite thing. So here i will be telling you about 13 denim looks styled with mostly denim to set a denim-trend for 2020 if you only have denims to style yourself.

Denims have always been in trend since it was invented back in 1873 and it pretty much describes the power denims have to not have vanished since then. Almost everybody now owns a pair of denim jeans and jackets and wear it pretty much daily. But have you ever wondered about the cooler ways to style denims? Because if you haven't you'll surely change your mind and start thinking about it right away after reading about these denim-only outfits.

1. Denim Chic

This is one of my favorite denim looks. It's classy, pretty and worth every single penny spent on it. A denim short, a basic white tee, a denim jacket and you're all set to shine. You can also use black denim jacket and shorts and it will give you a totally fresh look or pair the blue and black ones together to create a new look.

2. Laced Up Denim

When someone shouts denim then all we think of is a pair of jeans, but do you know about this laced-up look you can pull off with lace denim top and denim shorts? Take a look and you'll want to have this right away.

3. One-piece

You might think its hard to look hot with just denims but wait until you see what's next.

Here's a Denim one-piece to stand out in the crowd full of black and Red dresses. It's perfect if you feel bored of wearing the same type of dresses again and again. You can add some to this dress too, to make it look more breathtaking.

4. Kendall Look

I call this Kendall look because I saw this outfit first on her. It's simple but elegant and hey if Kendall Jenner wore this outfit then of course everyone should because there can't be anything wrong with this if she pulled it off in public. XD And now for you to believe me, here's the picture. Who knew a simple denim strap top and a bright blue denim jeans can look so beautiful?

5. Denim-Only

I remember when i was younger I never ever matched my denim with other denim, but now I'm Like obsessed! And the reason for this obsession is of course All these beautiful outfits. The Denim-only outfit here with Denim shirt, denim skirt and denim jacket is too good to ignore. I'm definitely going to try this one out.

6. Two-piece

If you want to show some skin then this is the one for you. This sexy two-piece is enough to turn heads around. Show your toned legs and taut abs in this beautiful and hot two-piece.

7. Dark- Denim Dress

You just need to trust me when I say there are hundreds of different denim dresses out in the market and there's a lot more to denims than just jeans! Take a look at my another favorite Denim dress which you can pull off on a date, a girls-party or any casual day.

8. Belted Denim Dress

This is something refreshing and classy and looks straight out of a fashion show. This beautiful belted dress is guaranteed to make you look different And going out of your style for once never hurt anybody.

9. One- shoulder Dress

This is officially in my wish list now because it is just hot as hell. What's better than to look sexy and covered at the same time? If you're planning to surprise your friends with a trendy look, then this one's a total catch for you. It's available on Shein.

10. Baby Doll Dress

This Denim dress is totally cute and perfect if you want to impress someone with your charms. At this point, I'm out of words to describe all the dresses but good for me that these dresses speak for themselves.

11. Jumpsuit

Now enough with the dresses, Here's a trendy Denim jumpsuit. If you like wearing Jumpsuits then you can't miss this at any cost because this is what will get you through the crisis we talked about if you only have to wear denims.

12. Dungaree

I'm not a great fan of Dungarees but it's worth a try if you are. This denim dungaree is actually stylish and if you have your way with dungarees then you can totally pull it off like a pro.

13. Buttoned-Up

If you like shirts and trousers then you must try this buttoned up Denim dress. It looks surprisingly stylish and trendy and the surprise is that this is just a dress of attached denim shirt and trousers but still looks like a unique dress. Here take a look.

14. Yes, Its a Bonus

I just wanted to reward y'all with an outfit you'll want to try. (Don't worry it's denim only too. XD)

Take a look at this amazing outfit idea.

Tip- I suggest wearing all the mini and midi denim dresses with denim knee-high boots to enhance your outfit.

All image source- Pinterest

Did you like the outfits? Which One's your favorite? Do tell me in the comments section and share this with your friends to tell them about these amazing denim outfits & try them all together.

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