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If you read blogs and the stories about them making thousands of dollars each month, then you must have thought about starting a blog yourself at some point. And if you haven't started yet then you either lack the motivation or ideas. Don't get me wrong, Blogging is fun but you need enough patience to keep blogging and make actual money. But let's Get to the basics first.

How to start a Blog?

I'm going to tell you my own experience and how i started it side by side so that you can understand it better. I've just started my blog 10 days ago and i already have 1000+ visits. I hope my experience helps you.

The ABC of Blogging + Blogging Tricks

Choose your Niche


It means choosing a specific topic you'll be writing about but in a broader way. I chose fashion as my niche because I've always been a fashion enthusiast and i knew i could write about it as much as i can.

Tip- Don't Choose a niche just because it's popular, Your niche should be something you can write about for your lifetime and still keep the readers engaged.

Choose a blogging Platform


There are various blogging platforms available where you can start your blog for free. I started my blog on Wix and it worked out well for me. But you can start your blog on other good platforms too. Some of them which i recommend are-






Buy a Domain Name


However you can blog without a domain but if you're planning on creating an online presence, then you should buy your own domain name. Domain name is the address of your website which, in my case is "Exclusivelykoko" in Which i bought from GoDaddy.

I suggest Buying your domain from the following companies:




Get A web Hosting Account


A web hosting service make your website accessible via the World Wide Web. You need to own a domain in order to get hosted. My host and domain provider both is GoDaddy and i don't have anything negative to say about their services so i recommend GoDaddy. However, you might want to look up to other hosting services too for their pricing so i suggest checking Bluehost Too.

Now after this, your website will be up and running.

What comes next?

After you've successfully build your own website, You'll want to start Blogging but first, You need to take care of these things:

Customize Your Website


The very first thing you should do is to customize your blog according to your niche. I've a Fashion niche so I've customized my website in a way that people can assume my niche just with a single look. Check it out Here. Wix provides a simple drag and drop facility to customize my website. I can add all the elements i need from the app market and discover themes and backgrounds from my website editor.

Choose A Blog Name


Your blog name can be different from your domain name but i suggest keeping them same to get discovered easily. My Blog Name Is KOKO* with a Tagline "Fashion For everyone" to attract readers and let them know what my blog is about.

Make Social Media Accounts for Your Blog


Its a great way to promote your blog and reach a wider audience. I've separate accounts for my blog on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. Make sure you post all the updates about your blog on the social media account you've made for it.

Write Your First Blog Post


Now that everything's settled, You can write your First Blog post and present your content to the world!


1. Write posts between 3500 to 5500 words. These posts get most reads and shares.

You can see all of my posts are between 3500 to 5000 words, so this actually works.

2. Make Your Title catchy. I'll give examples from my own blog.

-Use numbers in your title like 9 unique shopping sites you must visit to look expensive on a low budget

-Use Words like "Guide" and "How To". People tend to click on these titles as it seems more informative and useful. Take a look at my post titles:

How to choose Right shoes: Complete Guide

Vegan Shopping Guide | Exclusively KOKO

- Use questions as title. I always click the posts with question titles out of curiosity just like most of the people do. For example:

What's Your Fashion Style?

3. Write original Content no matter what.

While it may seem easy to Just copy and paste from popular blogs, It's plagiarism and you could get banned if you're reported. Moreover, Why would people read your blog if they can read the same content on other popular blogs? You need to write original and different content to make your blog stand out.

4. Write a good About Info.

Not everybody will tell you this but a good "About" info actually catches attention. People like hearing your story or just to know about you personally if you've a good life story. But don't make things up just to make it interesting. You can always write either about yourself or about your Blog in the "About" Section.

5. Promote as much as you can.

While starting a blog, it may seem impossible to get traffic but the most effective way to get traffic since the first day is to promote. I will do another post on How to promote your Blog Effectively so stay tuned and subscribe to my newsletter for Getting a notification whenever I post ;)

Share this with your friends and family and help them Start their own blog. Any questions? Ask me in the comments section or reach out to me personally on. Instagram

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