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With this interview with the Owner of a new clothing brand WickedFash, we discovered some Truthful knowledge about the world of fashion and Business which every like-minded person should learn and know.

ExclusivelyKOKO: Please Introduce Yourself.


My name is Vanesa, I'm from Texas and the owner of WickedFash. I'm excited to participate in this interview and thankful that you thought of my brand!

Question: What inspired you to start your own business? How did this journey begin?

Vanesa: I always knew I wanted to own a business or businesses of my own, but I never had a set idea on what kind of business. I first got inspired to start my clothing boutique when I started to see and follow other small boutiques on Instagram.

Question. What did you do before starting your own business? 

Vanesa: Before owning my business I was a college student and I also had previous experience working in retail.

Question:  When did you start WickedFash and what do you think is the best time for young dreamers to start their own business?

 Vanesa: I started WickedFash in 2017, closed it and reopened it in 2019. I think that if you want to start your own business, you should just go for it.

Question: Did you dream/plan to start your own business since you were a child or it just happened over time?

Vanesa: I grew up in somewhat of an entrepreneurial family, so I always kind of knew I wanted to have my own business one day.

Question: Why did you choose "WickedFash" as your brand name? Any interesting story behind ? 

Vanesa: Honestly, there’s no real exciting and interesting story behind the name. I was kind of just sitting on my bed scribbling on my notebook trying to come up with a name for my store. I was just writing random words and phrases and that’s how WickedFash came about.

Question: What was the biggest struggle you faced while trying to set up your business?

Vanesa: I think being a perfectionist was my biggest struggle when starting and setting up everything. I just felt like everything needed to perfect when it came to the website design, clothes, photos, paperwork (obviously lol) etc. and also I didn’t really know anyone else that owned a boutique or clothing store that I could go to and ask questions, so I had to learn everything myself.

Question: How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Vanesa: I think I’d describe myself as “Hungry for knowledge” because if there’s something that interests me I just dive into research and want to learn all about it. I always love learning new things and growing intellectually.

Question: What was your biggest fear related to the idea of starting your own business? I guess failure was my biggest fear.

Vanesa: I think that the number one reason why a lot of people don’t start a business, even if they’re passionate, is fear of failure. Looking back now, I’m glad I didn’t let that fear get in my way because I’ve learned that failure is inevitable in your journey and you just have to get up and keep going and try again or try something different. Failures to me are lessons to learn.

Question: Do you think proper business/ commerce study like a college degree is necessary for starting a successful business?

Vanesa: I have a marketing degree myself and I do apply the knowledge I learned, but I don’t think it’s super necessary to have a college degree. However, I do recommend taking a couple of accounting classes and maybe a couple of marketing classes.

Question: How would you describe your journey since you started WickedFash ?

Vanesa: I would describe it as a roller coaster because you have your good days and your bad days. Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated all the time, so there are moments when I feel discouraged. I just have to give myself some space and time, maybe a pep talk and get back to it. Lol.

Question: Do you think people should start their online business as a full time thing or as a side hustle first?

Vanesa: I definitely recommend starting it as a side hustle first until you feel comfortable enough to quit your job and work for yourself full time. I definitely always recommend having multiple streams of income though.

Question: How did you make your first sale?

 Vanesa: My first sale came from posting on Instagram.

Question: Any one advice you'd like to give to the budding entrepreneurs?

 Vanesa: I would say, invest in yourself, learn from mistakes, stay motivated, and don’t quit.

Question: For the WickedFash fam out there, what's your favorite piece out of your collection? 

Vanesa: I love all our newest arrivals. I’ve made it a point to love every piece I bring in. I’ve brought in stuff before just because it’s trendy or it’s affordable, and I’ve found that what works best for my store is when I bring in items I genuinely love and would love to see other people wear.

Question: Is there anything you'd want to change in the world?

Vanesa: There are so many things I would change. I think collectively as humans, we should just be more kind to one another and that in itself would bring about a huge change to the world.

Question: What's the one thing you love the most about being a boss babe?

 Vanesa: I love working for myself.

Question: Any Fashion Tip for my readers? 

Vanesa: Tucking in your shirt really makes such a difference in outfits. lol

Question: Which aspect of a business affects its success the most according to you? 

Vanesa: Marketing and finance

Question: Are you planning on making your business international? If yes, when?

Vanesa: I would love to make my business international one day! I’m not sure when, but I hope within the next five years.

Question: Was your family supportive of your ambition? Would you like to mention anyone you'd describe as your backbone through this journey?

Vanesa: I'd say the backbone of my journey with WickedFash has definitely been my customers and my supporters. I'm extremely grateful to have created a brand that people like and want to buy from. At the end of the day, I do what I do for my customers so that they can love their outfits and feel beautiful the next time they wear WickedFash.

Question: What is the most important trait a person should have to stay in the game of business? Is it positivity, patience, or anything else?

Vanesa: Definitely positivity and patience, self-motivation, and discipline.

Question: What's your favorite brand apart from WickedFash?

Vanesa: I love supporting small brands, I personally love my friends boutique @shopaliciabtq and I really look up to Lilly’s Kloset for inspiration and motivation.

ExclusivelyKOKO : With this, Our conversation might have come to an end, but we loved having you with us and taking a closer look at your life as an entrepreneur. We surely learned a lot and wish you the best for WickedFash.

Vanesa: Thanks again for the interview.

The world of fashion is one of the most colorful and eternal worlds you could every step into, there's nothing like "enough" about fashion, you could always see a thing and new ideas come floating to your mind while the world of fashion diversifies in itself.

Nothing about entrepreneurship is easy but if you've got a dream, you gotta work for it.

We conclude the interview with a Big shout out to the WickedFash.

You can shop with them on www.wickedfash.com

And a shout out to her favorite brands

Alicia Boutique, Which is a US based Online shopping boutique shipping in U.S.A, Canada and Mexico.

Lilly's Kloset, Which is an international Women's Clothing Brand since 2012.

You can also connect with them on Instagram




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