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How to style a kurta in 7 different ways that are practical and wearable!

You know how you see all the big fashion bloggers or blogs showing you how to style an item of clothing in "x" number of different ways?

Well many times, a few ideas turn out to be eccentric and impractical. We are not going to tuck the front half of the kurta into a skirt and call it fashion here, Ew. Read on to get fun, chic and actual practical ideas on how to style a kurta in 7 different ways!

All my western outfit loving babes and the NRI babes or Indian babes living outside of India and missing wearing Indian clothes, a chikankari kurta is a great piece for indo-western outfit styling. No matter if you buy the complete set with the bottom or just the kurta by itself, the kurta can be styled in so many different ways.

The easiest is to pair it with jeans (preferably straight-cut) and some cool ethnic/boho style earrings. Pair with cute sandals/pumps and it is a semi-casual modern, and comfy outfit.

Pair your kurta with a straight cut jeans for easy semi-casual style

To change the look a little, throw on a jacket of your choice. The embroidered ones or vest styles look more Indian-style. also great options are denim jackets or blazers. I personally don't prefer blazers with a kurta that much.

Throw on a cute vest to add more interest to the outfit

Replace the jeans with trousers or palazzos that go with the colour of your kurta, preferably in pastel tones. Pair with modern jewellery and that makes it completely blend right in with western world! For extra chic look, pair with same tones of pants and shoes for monochromatic richness. Like those south Bombay ladies you see who look like money without even trying. Secret is a head to to monochromatic outfit.

Wide legged trousers or palazzos, especially in the same colour as the kurta looks rich and uber chic

Next, pair with a cute scarf that matches your kurta. Patterns can make it feminine or fierce. My floral scarf here looks fresh, playful and feminine. Pairing with pastel blue pants matches with the mood of the scarf to give it a more salwar-kameez look.

Scarves are an easy way to change the look easily and look sophisticated

Take it up a notch to spread out the scarf and cinch the waist with a belt. If you choose a printed scarf, don't go crazy with your designer Gucci belts and such. They will clash horribly with the prints. Pair all your designer belts with plain complementary scarves.

Cinch the waist with a simple belt to make it more stylish and show off your pretty scarf. With a plain scarf, bring out your Gucci belts and what have you!

This is my personal favourite style by pairing a crop top here! Cute and complementary matching colours on the top and its fitted style give the kurta more structure too. Psst, side tip is to focus on colours. This crop top for example, has light pink colours in its flowers, and that complements the pink tone of the kurta quite well!

Use your crop tops to layer over your kurta with a trousers and I swear nothing screams more fashion than layering!

And the last way to style your kurta is when you want to show up for impromptu Indian event that is casual-ish. This is more fun for when you don't want to go all nuclear with the heavy work and all that jazz. Pair with a long skirt to give it a more ethnic look.

Those long skirts always work so well to give the lehenga illusion just perfectly

Wear it with or without dupatta, and your more grand ethnic jewellery, this is a great look I would wear to a small festive dinner invite at someone's place or to celebrate a festive event at work. Different in an understated and subtle way.

Dupatta would make the outfit more formal and classy. You look special without even trying!

Now when other blogs recommend pairing skirts with kurta and then they show like a movie star rocking a proper kurta and lehenga set that someone designed for them? Like seriously? How is that making a kurta versatile and relatable to normal people?!

Works perfectly with a contrast coloured skirt too!

Fun fact, this is a random fabric from stores that sell raw materials. Just find a pretty one and get 1.5-2 metres of this fabric and get the ends tidied up. There has to be one such dupatta in your closet. Pastel or busy bright ones are best options.

Every piece of clothing can be versatile but you don't have to push it into every combination possible, please! Do not ruin a kurta by tucking it into a skirt and making it lose all its class!

Do not hesitate again wearing a nice simple kurta for any occasion ever again, be it for work or for casual occasions.

If you want to check out a quick fun video of it actually moves too (and not just clever angles in the photos on this post), find the video on instagram here and see how I styled this kurta! Psst, this post has a close-up of my easy makeup look for this styling too!

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Smart outfits are not created by buying incessantly. They are only created by knowing ways to pair different items in your closet already.

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