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Updated: Apr 13

Owning beautiful pieces of clothing isn't enough to be a fashionista, You need to know the art of putting your clothes together and turning them into an outfit. And the the first step to match your clothes is to know about the colors that go together. You cannot go out looking all mismatched and expect to return with tons of compliments.

Why is It important to Match Colors?

The answer is simple and clear. Even Extremely nice and expensive clothing will look unappealing if you don't get your color game right. Matching anything with anything isn't a choice if you really want to impress someone with your fashion sense.

Now First things first. We'll start from the basics and then proceed so that you create a better understanding yourself and you don't have to look up to the guides every time you're dressing up.

The Basic Color Theory

You must have learned about this in your art classes in high school and if you didn't attend any art classes ( Which you probably should have) then invest some time reading this Theory here.

Color Wheel

According to the Color Wheel, There are:

Three Primary colors

- Red



Three Secondary Colors

- Green (Blue+Yellow)

- Purple (Red+blue)

- Orange (Red+yellow)

These Colors are Divided into two categories, Warm colors and Cold colors. You can easily figure out which colors are warm and which are cold after you create an understanding of the color wheel.

-Warm colors are associated with Positivity, Energy and Passion.

- Calm colors are associated with peace, calmness and Harmony.

How this Theory helps in combining colors for your outfit?

There are two ways. You can either keep the color families together and match them like a yellow Top with yellow-orange or yellow-green Jacket. Or you can create a contrast by matching the colors opposite to each other in this wheel. Like Wearing Violet Dress with a Yellow belt.

If you want to catch attention and look different, then you should go with the second option of creating a contracting Look.

Now that you know about this trick, you may want to Choose the color according to color psychology, Here's a complete but simpler Color psychology guide to help you choose best colors.

What is Color Psychology?

Color psychology is related to the Human psychological responses to each color, The meanings of each color, The influence of colors in nature and human Perspectives and much more. But we are not going to get in much detail, We'll be here focusing on the meaning of each color with a few keywords.

RED- Energy, Passion, Romance

YELLOW- Energy, Joy, Optimism

BLUE- Spirituality, Calmness

GREEN- Freshness, Youth

ORANGE- Enthusiasm, Energy

PINK- Affection, Inner Peace

PURPLE- Wealth, Wisdom, Pride

BLACK- Mystery, Power, Rebellion

WHITE- Purity, Calmness, Peace

LAVENDER - Beauty, Femininity

BROWN- Healing, Stability

GRAY- Balance, sophistication.

TURQUOISE- Dignity, Luck, Balance

MAGENTA- Kindness, Harmony

PEACH- It represents immortality in Chinese Culture.

You can Now choose the base of your color according to the above information to set a particular vibe send out particular type of energies around you.

Choosing Right Color Combination For Your Clothes

While Choosing the right combination, First consider the following Points.

- Consider your skin tone. You can always pick a shade darker or lighter according to your skin tone.

- Give priority to the clothing material. You should not compromise with the quality of the clothing just to get the right color.

- Plan your outfit first if you're going out for shopping. Don't take in all the different colors just to experiment with them.

- The Combinations Illustrated by Us are Our personal Opinions, feel free to experiment with more colors and combinations.

Best Color Combinations

Note that White and Black, these Colors can be paired up with any other color and it still looks great. In fact, All black outfits are our favorite.

Share this with your Family and friends and let them know about this Color guide so that they can mix and match like a pro too! Any questions or feedback? Do tell me in the comments section Or reach out to me personally on Instagram!

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