How to Choose Right Clothes for your Body shape.

Updated: Apr 13

Before I start this, Y'all are beautiful just the way you are. Embrace your body and don't hate it because you think you're too thin or too fat, you're just perfect.

Choosing clothes sounds like the most difficult task when you don't know what type of clothes fits you perfect. Not all clothes look good on everyone and everyone has a specific body shape, so don't feel bad if you tried out the dress your favorite celebrity wore and it didn't look good on you as much as it looked on them. Curious to find out what will look great on you? Here are the 4 main Body shapes and the clothes that fits them best!

1. Triangle/ Pear shaped

In triangle or pear shaped body, The lower part of the body is wider than the upper part. They have narrow shoulders and heavy or fuller thighs and legs which gives them the "pear" shape. They have a curvy lower body because their waist part is thinner than their hips but might be wider than their bust.

What To Wear

The goal here is to flaunt your lower curves and make your body look balanced at the same time.

- Wear tops with shoulder pads and add volume to your upper body with jackets and coats.

- Ruffled shirts and flared tops might make your upper body look voluminous.

- Wear jeans that hugs your curves and as you have fuller legs, don't wear jeans that narrow them or it will make your hips look too much wider.

- If you want to wear dresses and midi is a good choice but again. add weight to your upper body with scarfs, cardigans or jackets.

- Wear Horizontal stripes in your upper body to create an illusion of broader shoulders and Vertical stripes in your lower body to make them look slimmer and balance your body view.

2. Inverted Triangle/ Apple Shaped

The inverted Triangle shaped body is just the opposite of the pear shaped. The upper part of the body is wider than the lower part which means you have voluminous bust and a waistline slightly thinner than your bust and your hips are probably narrower than your bust but slightly wider than your waistline.

What To Wear

- Wear Deep neck or V- neck tops which fits you perfectly if you wish to flaunt your bust. And if you feel that your bust is a little too much wider, then wear long sleeved, loose tops to divert attention from your bust.

- Wear wide jeans or flared pants to prevent your legs from looking too skinny.

- You can wear a belted blazer or overcoat to give your body a curvy look.

- Wearing layered skirts and midi that fits your upper body perfectly will help you drive away focus from your lower part.

- Avoid wearing tight belts.

3. Hourglass Shaped

Hourglass shaped body has equal upper and lower body volume and a defined waistline. If your bust and hips measure the same and your waistline is thinner than both of them, then you've an hourglass shaped body. This is considered a curvy body.

What To Wear

- Wear tops that fits you perfectly. Halterneck, scoop and V-neck will enhance your bust perfectly.

- Wear high rise jeans to highlight your waistline and create a balance between your upper and lower body.

- Wear skirt and dresses with volume below your waist will do wonders in highlighting your waistline and show off your curves.

- Wear pencil and A-line skirts that are not too short as it will not enhance your shape and might make you look baggy.

- Wear jeans that fits your hips and legs.

4. Rectangle Shaped

Rectangle shaped body has equal upper and lower body measurements and undefined waistline. They have straight body and also look athletic if they have a mesomorphic structure. They are neither heavy from the upper the part, nor from the lower part.

What To Wear

Rectangle shaped body has equal bust, hips and waistline.

- Wear textured and voluminous clothes like frills and ruffles.

- Wear belts and belted dresses to make yourself look curvy,

-Add accessories to your outfit to make your body look heavier.

- Wear bottoms that is fit at your waistline and ankle but don't stick to your legs too much as it may make you look thinner if you've thin body structure.

- Wear skirts and shorts to show off your legs and add shape to your body.

Please note that not all women may fall necessarily into one category and you may have features of more than one category. In this case, i recommend trying out clothes that fits each of the categories and find out the best ones. Because at last, your comfort and your choice matters the most, Trying out everything and wearing whatever you want causes no harm.

Also, body shapes can totally be modified with exercises and diet plans so don't feel bad if you feel like you want to have abs or a more defined waistline or thicker thighs. There's nothing bad in wanting to have a toned body or some features which you don't have if you take it positively and love your body at the end of the day regardless of your body goals. Just don't let the thought of hating your body because of some features get you and you'll always have a space for positive growth.

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