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The origin of the word "Jeans" is the French word "Genoa". On an average, a regular american women own seven pairs of jeans but even if you don't own seven, We all own at least two to three pair of jeans which we wear more than once a week. But did you know there isn't just One or two type of jeans? don't worry If you don't, just stay right where you are and read along about the different types of jeans and how to style them perfectly!

We'll be Differentiating the types of jeans on three basis, Structure, Waistline, and length. Structure here refers to the design of the jeans or how the jeans have been stitched.


1. Boot cut/ Bell Bottom Jeans

Bell Bottom Jeans

The boot cut jeans fit through the hips & thighs and widens from below the knee to the ankle. It was widely popular in the 90s when it was first introduced as "Full from Knee Boots" and is still loved by many. It was mainly designed to ease the wearing of boots with jeans.

Where can you wear them?

You can usually wear These jeans to any event, occasion as they are designed to look playful, yet sophisticated.

What to pair a Boot cut/ Bell Bottom Jeans with?

Boot cut/ Bell Bottom jeans create a quirky and feminine look.

-Pair these wide legged bottoms with Loose buttoned up shirts for business purposes.

-Bell bottoms look great with flare tops for casual outings and dates..

Shopping Tip

While shopping for Bell bottoms, always check it's length at the bottom. Bell bottoms are supposed to be a few inched above your feet.

2. Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans fits the you from top to bottom and thus appears "skinny". It's tight and sticks to your waist, hips, legs and ankle. They can be a bit uncomfortable at times but they show the shape of your legs perfectly so it's preferred by many to show off their toned legs and hips.

Where can you wear them?

While most of the people wear these jeans everywhere, we suggest not to wear skinny jeans to meetings or interviews as it does not look professional.

What to pair a Skinny Jeans with?

Skinny jeans makes your legs appear thinner in some way or another, so you should keep up with that and

-wear something that fits you on the top like a skin fit top or a spaghetti with a thin outerwear.

- Avoid baggy shirts or clothes that add too much volume to your upper body.

Shopping Tip

Skinny jeans makes your legs look thinner but you shouldn't buy very tight jeans just to fit you as it does not allow the skin to breathe and can even affect the inner muscles.

3. Mom jeans

Mom Jeans

Mom jeans is loose fit jeans. It fits at the waist and is wide from below the waist to the ankle. However, it does not widens with length but is equally wider from top to bottom. It was usually worn by middle aged women in 1980s and 1990s but it became popular again in the last decade.

Where can You wear them?

Wearing mom jeans to any kind of business event or place isn't exactly the best choice. These jeans are best for schools and casual outings.

What should you pair Mom jeans with?

Mom jeans can be paired with anything that says "carefree".

- Wear mom jeans with a little loose tops and add some outerwear to it.

- Mom jeans looks great with slim fit long sleeved Tops too.

Shopping Tip

Mom jeans might be in trend but we suggest actually thinking about your style before buying a mom jeans. Not everybody can pull off a mom jeans in style.

4. Ripped jeans

Ripped Jeans

The Ripped jeans doesn't need any introduction as it's clear what a ripped jeans is according to its name. The jeans is ripped at certain lengths but usually, only from the front side. It's still in trend and people loved the concept of ripped jeans ever since it came (except for my mother XD).

Where Can you wear them?

Date, Outing, Casual Party, Shopping trip, walk in the park, anywhere but NOT Business. (and school)

What should you pair with Ripped Jeans?

Ripped jeans looks stylish, but there are many different types of ripped jeans as well. So pair it up accordingly. But in a bigger picture, ripped jeans with stylish tops will do wonders. Pair your Ripped jeans with

- Modern prints/ Graphic Tees

-Crop Tops

Shopping Tip

Don't Buy ripped jeans that looks like the cloth has been cut out of the place as it looks too much unsophisticated. The transformations of a ripped jeans are so many, but we suggest choosing slightly ripped jeans at the thighs or knee-ripped jeans only.

5. Jegggings


The jegggings looks just like a regular jeans but it has no buttons or zip. It has a rubber waistband but appears almost like a jeans. There's a reason its a portmanteau or mix of the two words "jeans" and "leggings". They are designed to be more stretchable and comfortable than jeans just like leggings but with a more denim touch.

Where To wear them

They can be an alternative for your regular jeans, so you can wear them anywhere you would wear your jeans to.

What to pair Jeggings with?

Jeggings can be paired up with a little loose tops or shirts. Just don't wear them with buttoned up shirts. Go for a pair of actual jeans if you're wearing buttoned shirts as jeggings tend to feel more like leisure pants.

Shopping tip

Jeggings have a rubber waistband and have stretchable legs so we prefer wearing only the perfect size that fits you. Don't buy a size larger so that you can wear them the next year too.

6. Flared jeans

Flared Jeans

Flared jeans looks a lot like the bell bottoms or boot cut but there's a simple point you need to know to differentiate between the boot cut and flared jeans.

The Boot cut's flare isn't as wide as the flared jeans' and the boot cut's flare only goes down to the ankles. Flared jeans mostly covers up the shoes and touches the ground while being more wider and looser.

Where To wear Them

As beautiful as they look, they're perfect for anything but business as they aren't exactly a formal wear. Though, You can wear anywhere else.

What to pair Flared jeans with?

Flared jeans looks best paired up with

- Frills

- Feminine prints

- Butterfly Sleeves

Shopping Tip

While Buying a flared jeans, only thing to keep in mind is if it fits your thighs and hips well. It really looks odd if the thighs of the Flared jeans doesn't stick to your thighs as it's designed to create a curvy look at the knees and not enough fitting ruins that.


8. High waist

High waist jeans

High waist jeans covers up your navel and even sometimes goes above than that. The high waist usually have three or more than three buttons going down followed by the zip However in two sided Button down, the zip is not there. It's main feature is that it fits you through your waist and hips which shows off your curves.

What to wear high-waist jeans with

High waist jeans is meant to show off your curves in the jeans, so just them do it. Wear tops that do no overlap with your waist.

- crop tops

- bodysuits

- skin fit tees

works best with high waists.

9. Low rise

Low rise jeans

Low rise jeans has waist around 2-3 inches below the navel. It isn't very hard to figure out if the jeans is low rise or not. The zip of a low rise jeans is not longer than 2-4 inches. It's all about the person's preferences if she is comfortable wearing high rise, low rise or medium rise.

What to wear Low rise jeans with?

If you've got some killer abs or you just want to show some skin, You can wear bust crop top with a low rise jeans but you really need to be good at pulling them off because it might look obscene too.

Otherwise, wearing hoodies or long shirts works just fine. Just don't tuck in the tops in low rise jeans.

10. Medium rise

Medium Rise jeans

Medium rise jeans has the waistband that sits just below the navel. It is neither too high, nor too low, you could say this was the regular jeans worn by everyone till the low rise and high rise were invented.

What to wear with medium rise jeans?

Literally anything.


11. Capri


Capri covers 3/4 of your legs. They end just below your knees and can be loose or tight but mostly, Capri jeans it is worn in tight fitting. It was widely popular even in last decade and looks stylish.

Where to wear a Capri?

They were designed specially for the summers so you can wear them anywhere on a hot sunny day.

What to wear a Capri with?

Capri can be worn with light weight shirts and tops. As far as your upper park doesn't look voluminous, You're good to go.

12. Crop Jeans

Crop jeans

Crop Jeans ends up a few inches above the ankle. It is sometimes confused with capris but there's a whole lot of difference between them. Cropped Jeans ends just before the ankle and Capris end just below the knees.

Where to wear Cropped jeans?

Cropped jeans are very comfortable and people prefer them for long journey and trips over skin fit jeans. You can usually wear cropped jeans to any place as far as you style them right.

What to wear with Cropped jeans?

Cropped jeans are all rounders and comfortable so we suggest pairing them up according to the event.

- For business, Pair them up with a shirt and blaze.

- For a casual day, wear anything that you feel comfortable in.

13. Full length jeans

Full length jeans

Full length jeans are the regular sized jeans. They cover up your ankle and has inseam of not more than 30-32 inches, but it always varies with size.

Where to wear full length jeans?

They can be worn anywhere.

What to pair with full length jeans?

These jeans can be paired up with anything according to the event.

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