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Boohoo was founded in 2006 and has gained a great popularity among 16-30 year old with its own brand clothing. We love the quality and design of the clothing they offer at a quite fair price range. They have frequent new launches and we are curious to check them out every time. We love creating new outfits with their clothing pieces. The main reason why boohoo is a hot brand is because they offer relatively trendy, cute and affordable clothing. To make this easier to understand, we've combined boohoo clothing to create 10 boohoo Outfits under €75!

1. Pink and Checkered

This boohoo Outfit is perfect for a date, a casual school day, work day and everything else. The pink and checks combination is driving us crazy. While the dress looks super sweet, it's super affordable too. If you've a chic style then this is the one for you.

Top- €8

Skirt- €24

Paired with - Light pink pencil heels

2. All Black

While this might seem a little overpriced, The quality and design of the clothes are worth it. If you love unique style in your clothing then this combination is for you. The black crop top and skirt looks bold and confident and is perfect to add to your back to school closet.

Top- €24

Skirt- €40

Paired with- Black high heel pumps

3. Glitter and Black

This is also an all black outfit but has a twist to it. Ah, how we love twists in fashion. This top is something you can pair up with anything and still look gorgeous. It's design and the glitters doesn't let anybody overlook you and that's how it's perfect. The belted skirt is the perfect combination for this top as it completes the outfit with its effortless look. This makes you look balanced and Fashionable.

Top- €6

Skirt- €45

Paired with- Black heels

4. Lace and belts

If you love wearing lightweight and trendy clothes then this one is going to be your favourite. The maroon top and the black and white checkered shorts both let your skin breathe and looks effortlessly stylish. The waist tie up in the top gives it more style and also matches with the tie-up belt in the shorts. It's a perfect combination for a long day at work, in a casual party, to a date and even for lounging at home.

Top- €20

Shorts- €26

Paired with- Red pointed toe heels

5. Red and White

We mostly don't pay attention to our casual wardrobe and only care about the party and work outfits but do you know how much a casual appearance says about your fashion sense? Exactly! Now if you're looking for clothes to step up your casual fashion game then this combination is the one to add first. The Maroon tee and white ripped denim shorts is totally try-worthy. We specially love the color combination of this outfit as both the colors makes the other color more attractive. And another great point is that it all totals only of €24!

Top- €14

Shorts- €10

Paired with- Ankle length red canvas sneakers

6. Black & Blue

It is next to impossible that we don't add a denim look into any of the outfit idea series. There's something about denim that intrigue us so much and we're sure you love denims too. The popular blue and black combination is a great addition in anybody's wardrobe and we specially love this boohoo version. The full sleeved Top is full of style at every end be it its side knot or the sleeve design so even if it's plain black, it has a lot of style innit. Combining it up with a denim pencil skirt, it looks more than just stylish.

Top- €36

Skirt- €36

Paired with- Black canvas sneakers

7. Pink & Black

With the new tops and tees, we almost forgot how much fashionable a buttoned up shirt can be, but don't worry we're here to remind you about that with a solid proof. This bright baby pink buttoned up shirt isn't something people are going to forget about after a look. The color is enough to turn heads around and its gonna even make you look more bright and glowing. That's a thing about the color game, a good color combination doesn't only makes your clothes look good, but enhances your looks too. Pairing up the shirt with this deep black jeans will do wonders for you.

Top- €10

Jeans- €25

Paired with- Bright baby pink sneakers

8. Neon Green

Neon colors always catch the attention so why not make it worth watching? Most of the times we think we need to do too much to look attractive but that's a bummer, the more complicated your outfit looks, the less attractive you'll be. The mantra to live by if you actually want to be fashionable is to wear anything but with confidence. Effortless fashion is always appreciated and it's the best too. This Neon green skirt is stylish on its own so it's better to let it catch the attention and wear something plain and matching on the top.

Top- €12

Skirt- €40

Paired with- shiny black peep toes

9. Red and Checkered

If you're ever confused what to wear to a date to look hot & sweet at the same time, then just copy this look. It may seem like a simple look but that's the key to look hot and sweet at the same time. The red is the color of romance and attracts attention while the grey checkered skirt looks sweet and also makes the outfit little different from the usual red and black or all red outfits girls wear to dates. It's sure to make people appreciate your fashion sense and also impress your date.

Top- €12

Skirt- €24

Paired with- Red designer pointed heels

10. Twisted check and denim

If you're bored with the normal check shirts and think that you can't look fashionable with them then this check shirt by boohoo is going to change your mind. It has no collars and twisted puff sleeves. This isn't another ordinary shirt design you're gonna find in other stores plus it's super affordable so this one's a total grab. And of course, pairing it up with a denim skirt is never going to be boring.

Top- €8

Skirt- €36

Paired with- White, red and blue Fila sneakers

[ Bonus] Bold Black

We couldn't choose just 10 of the many outfits we combined so here's a bonus we loved. It uses the same €12 black crop top from the neon green outfit with a checkered skirt. It's quite simple but lovely and can be worn to work and for casual events. It's stylish and the zip in the skirt caught are attention effortlessly.

Top- €10

Skirt- €24

Paired with- Black Heels

All Image copyrights- @exclusivelykoko.com

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