6 Timeless wardrobe essentials

Updated: Apr 13

Ever wondered what's something you could have that'll go with all your outfits effortlessly? Well, you can relax now girl. I've got you covered. Here's a list of 10 wardrobe essentials that you can style with any of your outfits and look fresh as daisy everytime.

1. Black boots

Ahh yes, you guessed that right. Black boots are something you can pair with literally anything. (wow) You don't have to spend hours matching your outfit with your footwear and end up deciding not to go anywhere at all XD. Just put on your fire black boots and kill that outing with your bomb looks.

So rush to the mall and pick up your favourite pair of black boots.


2. White jacket

Now it might seem odd but White jackets are actually a pretty good cover up for any outfit. White is a color that goes well with every other color so you do not have to give a second thought about the color disaster(haha) and you can effortlessly look stylish because jackets never go out of style.

So chin up and style up with that white jacket of yours today!

4 Oversized hoodie

Now this may not help you when you're looking for summer essentials but on the bright side, EVERYBODY loves a comfy, soft, oversized hoodie. I personally always put on a hoodie whenever I feel like NOT dressing up but I still want to look cute. Just put on a jeans, white sneakers and a oversized hoodie and Boom! you look suddenly cute. So an oversized hoodie is a must-own for everyone.

(Ps:- is it just me or everybody asks for XXXL hoodies to look cute? XD)

4. Denim shorts

One of the reasons why we all love shorts so much is that because they always have our back. Shorts makes our outfits cute and never makes us look boring. Afterall, who can find you boring after looking at those never ending legs of yours XD. Having a denim short in your wardrobe will never let you feel out of options cuz' you can pair them with any top. So where's the loss in owning a cute denim short?

5. Jumpsuit

Now this is another odd opinion but it's totally worth it. One of the most attractive part of jumpsuits are that you never have to worry about "pairing" them unlike other clothes. They are complete on their own and are perfect If you don't like spending hours in front of the wardrobe pairing the tops with skirts and jeans. Also, they are stylish and Comfortable( as long as you don't have to pee every hour XD) .

6. A little Black Dress

A little black dress is something than you can wear to a party, a date, a casual outing, birthday and almost anything, Which makes it a perfect addition to our Timeless wardrobe essentials. It's elegant, effortless, beautiful, bold and most importantly comfortable. But one of my favourite perks of a black dress is that you can pair it and wear it in many ways.

(Do you want me to write on The many ways to wear a Little black dress? Let me know :))









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Do you agree with me? What are your wardrobe essentials?

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