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Updated: Apr 13

You might have heard the term "Capsule Wardrobe" Many times, But do you know what is it? If yes, have you ever wanted to have an ideal capsule wardrobe? Here's a complete guide to what's a capsule wardrobe and an exclusive 33-piece capsule wardrobe by KOKO.

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

A Capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothing and apparel that go timeless. It's main Focus is to create maximum number of outfits with relatively less clothing. It's really beneficial if you want to spend minimal money and still look fashionable.

Why Should You Have A Capsule Wardrobe?

- It minimizes the time you spend choosing clothes

- It's a one time investment and goes a long way.

- You don'y have to spend money every time you want to look fresh, rather, just mix and match the clothes.

- You only have to keep the clothes you look good in or the ones you are comfortable wearing so it's easier to decide what to wear.

- It creates less mess.

What To keep In mind before creating a Capsule Wardrobe?

- Your Color Complexion

- Your Body Type

Read this to know about your body type and best clothes for each one of them.

- Choose Colors that go with everything

- Choose fabrics that suit you

- Consider your routine ( How many parties you attend, How often do you hang out, etc.)

What Should Be In Your Capsule Wardrobe?

Now the question comes, what should be in your capsule wardrobe? If you haven't figured it out yet, then here's an Ideal 33-piece Capsule wardrobe.

12 Tops

It's up to you which tops you want to keep but i'm recommending a neutral wardrobe which includes all types of tops.

- A basic White Tee

- A high neck Top ( I recommend a black one because that goes with everything)

- Two long sleeved plain Tops ( You Choose any two colors that you like the most.)

- Two Buttoned shirts ( Choose colors other than the above two colors.)

- Two Hoodies ( If you're a lover of hoodies then keep 3)

- Two Camisole ( Choose your own colors)

- Two Tank Tops ( Choose basic Colors)

5 Dresses

You might have your own preferences for dresses and if you don't wear dresses, then skip this and add more tops and bottoms.

- Two off shoulder midi/maxi or one midi, one maxi ( Printed/patterned)

- A Jumpsuit ( choose your own color/print/pattern)

- A plain black mini dress

- A three piece/ two piece Dress

6 Bottoms

- Three pair of jeans ( Black, Blue and white/One color you like)

- Two Shorts ( Choose slightly different shades than that of the jeans. e.g- Ice Blue, Faded black)

- A skirt (Color that matches with most of your tops)

5 Outerwear

- A Denim Jacket

- A Trench Coat

- A leather jacket [ Try vegan Leather :)]

- A Blazer ( Choose a good color)

- A Cardigan

5 Shoes

- A pair of Black boots ( Ankle length go with everything)

- A pair of White Sneakers

- A pair of high heels ( Choose color that matches with your main color scheme)

- A pair of strap sandals

- A pair of flats or slippers

2 Additional/ Optional

- A set Of PJ's

- A Tracksuit Set

Pj's image source: Pinterest


- Lingerie or inner-wear isn't included in a capsule wardrobe, but you should own at least 6 sets.

-Accessories don't count in a capsule wardrobe but you should own a few accessories too if you want to look more fashionable.

- Confused what accessories to choose?

Check this out if you want to know which accessories you should add to your collection.

-Not sure where to buy affordable clothing for your wardrobe?

Check this out for affordable online shopping sites

Have more questions? Ask me in the comments section and share this with your girls to create a capsule wardrobe together!

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