10 Summer Styling tips you need to know

Updated: Apr 13

So finally the summers are approaching and you finally have the chance to show off your summer body! Here are 10 summer styling tips to make you look hot and beat the heat!

1. Wear Light Colors

If you're going for a day out in the sun, then i suggest wearing light colored clothes. Light Colors actually make you feel light and does not catch up heat like dark colors. But make sure you're not sweating much because it may leave grease marks and ruin your look.

2. Show Some Skin

One of the best parts about summers is that you can flaunt your body just like you want to. So grab your favorite pair of shorts, skirts and tops and you're ready for the day out. You need not worry about the heat and you can also show off your toned legs and beat the heat in style!

3. ALWAYS use sunscreen

Now you must have been hearing this for long that you should never go out in the sun without sunscreen but its because you actually Shouldn't. Sun may be good for your skin but to a limit. You would not want to get sun burned and unwanted tans to ruin your summer body. So always wear sunscreen before baring your skin to the sun.

4. Wear Breathable Clothes

Summers brings a lot of sweat and it may cause many skin problems if your skin isn't breathing to loose the toxins. Always choose light and natural fabrics like cotton to wear during summers and avoid wearing tight clothes. Go for loose off-shoulders or shirts if you want your skin to remain healthy.

5. Stock up midi and mini dresses.

One of the best clothing options for a sunny day is a beautiful midi or mini dress. They are effortless, breathable and cute. You need not spend hours matching your tops with your bottoms and you can look effortlessly stylish without worrying about the heat.

6. Wear Florals

Florals makes you look fresh and beautiful. If you love wearing patterns and designs on your clothing then you must be a fan of florals already. I personally love wearing floral dresses and are my go-to for any casual summer day outing.

7. Wear Sandals and slippers

Wearing heavy footwear like boots and shoes may not be the best idea in summers. Switch to sandals and slippers as they are comfortable and let your skin breathe otherwise your feet may smell due to lack of oxygen.

8. Carry Scarfs and Hats in your bag

Beating the heat can sometimes be tough. Always carry scarfs and wide brimmed hat to protect yourself from excess heat. Make sure your scarf is lightweight and made of soft fabric to avoid uncomfort.

9. Sunglasses are a Must

Sunglasses are great accessories to ease your summer days. Don't forget that harmful rays from sun can harm your eyes as well. Protect them with a stylish pair of sunglasses and enhance your look at the same time.

10. Don't Wear too much jewelry

Wearing too much jewelry might be an uncomfort for a long sunny day. Wear minimal jewelry and only go for lightweight accessories. You wouldn't want to be bothered with heavy jewelries on an already rough day.

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