10 Accessories to Step up your Fashion Game

Updated: Apr 13

Accessories are so underrated. We always give all the credit for our good looks to our outfits, shoes and makeup. But do you know how accessories can transform your looks and help you stand out the crowd? No? Don't worry, here are 10 accessories which you can add to your outfits to enhance them and transform your look.


Necklace is loved by everyone and everyone loves wearing it too. But mostly, people either choose the wrong necklaces or only wears them on a special occasion. But it's time you start adding these little pieces of magic to your outfits more regularly.

Here's a quick guide on choosing the right necklace:

- If you're wearing off-shoulders or strapless dresses then add a heavy necklace to your outfit with detailed work to enhance your outfit and make it look more voluminous.

- If you're wearing turtle neck or high neck then wear long chains or pendants. make sure they're not too heavy.

-If you're wearing buttoned shirts then you can either wear a choker or a layered necklace if your shirt is plain.

- Pair up heavy earrings with light weight pendants if you're wearing heavy dresses like gowns because your dress needs to be seen.

- For printed or patterned Dresses and outfits, wear Asymmetrical jewelry or multi layer pendants.


Ear cuffs are latest trend and are actually kinda sexy. They're catchy and beautiful and can spice up your look without any effort. All you need to keep in mind is not to overdo and choose the ear cuff according to the event and your outfit. Cuz' Wearing a fancy cuff with casual casual will not work like you want it to.


A scarf can always add the missing touch to your look. It's been in trend since long and is not out of style yet. While choosing a scarf, make sure that you don't match it totally with the outfit or it will loose its identity.

Make it a rule to let the scarf be cousins with your outfit, not sisters.


While this may not work in winters, its a great way to get styled up in summers. Take care of your size and choose the style that best fits you and your outfit. It's always a great option to take care of your eyes in the summers and add some style to your look at the same time.

Make sure you're wearing the right colors and right size or it'll spoil your look.


Though everybody does not carry handbags, they're a great accessory to make a statement. Imagine walking in with a chanel handbag and a killer outfit. That's enough to create a style statement and let people know you ain't taking shit from anybody.

(But wait, I can't afford chanel dude!)

Don't worry, here are 5 Brands that sell affordable, stylish handbags!

- Marc Jacobs

- Coach

- Dooney and bourke

- Kate spade

- Dior

(P.s:- The one here is from Dior.)


Do you know how much Difference does a belt make? You probably never noticed But that's what I'm here for. If you're a lover of belts then you already know how many different types of belts are available in the shops and you might also know that not all of them all for every jeans.

Here are quick tips on choosing the right belt.

- Choose contrasting colors.

- Match them with your shoes or outwear.

- Wear Broad belts with Long dresses

- Don't wear them too tight just to show your waistline.


Adding Hair accessories are a great way to stand out. If you've got some killer hairpins or a beautiful headband, then it's time you show them off. They actually make a difference in your look and again, not everybody wears them so it'll help you stand out the crowd. Just don't add too much pins, try to coordinate them and wear a headband that matches with your outfit.


Just like ear cuffs, Ear rings add great charm to your look. It's not a new trend so you don't need much help on how they transform your look but if you haven't already tried wearing earrings then you need to do it now. And while you try it, here are few tips on choosing the right right Earrings

- Choose the right length. Wear earrings according to the occasion.

- Long and heavy earrings work wonders for fancy parties and Festivals.

- There are many types of earrings too. Check all of them and choose the right according to your dressing type.

- Don't stick to just one type of earrings or it will kill the fun.

- Don't wear too large earrings if your ears are small. We have different ear sizes.

- Think twice before getting a piercing. You cannot undo it so it's better you think we'll before getting the piercings.


As much as people like to wear hand accessories, they don't really pay attention to what they are wearing. Hand accessories enhance your hands and You use your hand for almost everything so there's no doubt that people pay attention to your hands, so why not make it worth their attention? Wear bracelets, rings, watches and other accessories according to the occasion and you'll totally get many complements, not to mention I love my hands when they're accessorised.


Anklets are not liked by everyone but I still recommend giving them a try. A slim and beautiful chain around your ankles are actually kind of hot. And many of my guy friends also complimented me wearing Anklets . ( XD ) And once you try it, it won't take much convincing to wear it everyday.

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Which accessory is your favorite? How do you step up your fashion game? Tell me in the comments section.

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